Mission Statement

Linda’s dog Ribsey, who crossed the rainbow bridge in March, 2020, made quite an impact on many people’s lives. He was the blue-eyed Pit Bull mix whose curious head hilariously and repeatedly would pop¬†up over the fence checking out clients, is the namesake for the organization. Ribsey was scheduled to be euthanized on Christmas Eve in 2006.¬†Desperate to save him, Linda agreed to foster him until a home could be found. He was an undernourished, hyper, ball-obsessed dog with six inches of his tail dead from a neglected infection resulting from going ‘kennel crazy’ in the shelter. Although Linda intended to find him another home, goofy Ribsey immediately won her over with his gentle eyes and absolute loyalty. With Linda, he had found his home forever.


Ribsey’s Refugees is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping more animals get adopted and stay adopted. All donations will be used to further our efforts to become part of the National No-Kill movement by way of educating and creating programs for shelters to implement and attract potential adopters. We believe every dog deserves a warm bed, healthy food, and a loving home.

They don’t ask us for much, but what they give back is immeasurable beyond words. Your help in guiding abused dogs to new health and a caring home is truly appreciated.